Lobos Animation

We'll Make Them See it Your Way.

Lobos Animation: Messages in Motion 

The Lobos Animation Alpha Team

Got a complicated subject? We eat that stuff for breakfast. Bring it. We’ll translate it for the masses...and make them want more.


We’ve been doing this translating thing for decades, whether it’s through movement, words, or pictures. We absolutely excel at translating complex topics (like economics -- see below) into clear, compelling and even exciting concepts and visions for your audience.


Technical Artisans

Our alpha team is led by technical artisans offering decades of combined animation and marketing experience:


●   An award-winning animator who thinks in 3D and, as a former professional ballet dancer, intuitively understands fluidity of movement (plus physics, architecture, engineering, anatomy, and other "hard" subjects)

●   A nationally-ranked medical and science journalist who successfully translated complex economics, NASA and health stories for millions of listeners...in two languages

●   A marketing rainmaker who has been repeatedly paid, for years, to write some seriously compelling (read: money-making) online copy


We also work with in-house, highly skilled voiceover artists, actors and composers.


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