Lobos Animation

Put Your Vision in Motion with Storytelling Vehicles that Drive Your Message…And Shift Your Business Into Overdrive

At Lobos Animation, we are experts at building visual bridges that keep your audience racing back to you. 


We speak fluent story, and we can translate even the most arcane and technical subjects into compelling narratives, dynamic messages, and immersive educational vehicles that drive home your value so that you can lead the pack.


We'll do it in 3D. Or HD. Or, hey, black and white, if that’s your bag.


Our highly customized little films, jpegs and other graphics put some serious horsepower into your sales, marketing and branding. 


Our alpha team combines the talents of a proven, results-driven marketer, a nationally-ranked journalist and wordsmith, and a winning animator who marries specialties in motion, architecture and engineering.


If you’re ready to race to the top of your market and surge ahead of the pack in your industry, contact us now.