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Our Services: The Lobos Way

Lobos Animation helps you lead the pack in your industry by weaving powerful messages through dynamic animation, graphics,voiceovers and music.

Great messaging starts with great communication – not only between you and your audience, but between you and Lobos: we excel at distilling your story and message into impactful, persuasive visual vehicles because we get very clear, very quickly, about your specific needs, as well as the pain points of your audience.

Our expert team of creatives will interview you on your unique metrics and selling points, then launch your ideas into captivating motion. 

We’ll breathe fresh energy and life into your brainstorms, and we’ll knit together persuasive and kinetic graphics, characters and media.

In other words: We speak your language. We speak your audience’s language. And we translate fluently, lyrically and powerfully through compelling video.

Our service packages can include:

●      Video Animation

●      Customized Graphics and Image Rendering for Web Sites

●      Script Writing / Script Doctoring

●      Web Site and Blog Copy

●      Voiceovers and Theme Music Composition


Lobos Animations specializes in creating highly customized animations, graphics, and copy in the following industries:


●      Architecture

●      Educational products

●      Energy: solar, cooling towers, geothermal, wind, biofuels

●      Engineering

●      Entrepreneurial endeavors

●      Feature Film and Industrials

●      Finance

●      Geological research

●      Internet marketing

●      Media production

●      Medical animations

●      Robotics

●      Science


For work samples, click to see how we show, not just tell, your story.

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